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Yahowah Charwaha Mera

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
Yahowah charwaha mera
Koi ghati mujhe nahi hei
Bm                  G
Hari charaiyon me mujhe
E                   A
Sneh se chalata woh hei

Mrithyu ke andhakar se
Me jo jaata tha
Bm                   G
Prabhu Yeeshu karuna se
E                A
Tasalli mujhe di hei

Yahowa charwaha...

Shatruo ke samne
Mez ko bichata hei
Prabhu ne jo tyar ki
Man mera magan hei

Yahowa charwaha...

Sar par wah tel mala hei,
Abhishek mujhe kiya hei
Dil mera bhar gaya hei
Aur umad bhi raha hei

Yahowa charwaha...

Sarwada Prabhu ghar me
Karunga niwas jo me
Karuna bhalai bhi uski
Anandit mujhe karti hei

Yahowa charwaha...

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