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Shalem Rajan Varunnoru

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
F            Dm        F
Shalem rajan varunnoru dhonikal
Gm         Bb        F
Desamengum muzhangidunnu
F   Am      Gm      Bb
Sodara nee orungeeduka
      F        Am
Lokam veruthiduka
      Gm       C
Vegam gemichiduvan
      Am        F
Vanil parannu pokan

Shalem rajan varunnoru...

Veeshuka ee thottathinullil
Jeevayavi pakrneeduvan
Jeevanulla pattu paduvan
Sakshi cholluvan

Shalem rajan varunnoru...

Kristhu-veerar unarnnu sobhippan
Sakthiyayoru Vela-cheyuvan
Kakshitham idichu
Kalaka snehathalonnika
Visvasam koodatte
Melum dairiam nalkatte

Shalem rajan varunnoru...

Albhuthangal adayalangalal
Sathya-sabha velippedunnu
Bhuthangal alari odunnu 
Pputhu bhasha kelkunnu
Kushta rogam marunnu
Janam onnu cherunnu

Shalem rajan varunnoru...

Deepetikal theliyichu-kolvin
Enna pathram kavinjidatte
Sobhayulla kootarodothu
Per vilickumpol
Vanil pokuvan
Orungi nilkum njan

Shalem rajan varunnoru...

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