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Jeevanin Thaalam

A Yeshuve Nadhane D Karthadhi Karthane F#m E Ee Bhoovil Manushyanai Vannu Nee A Swargathe Vedinju Nee D Enikkayi Marichu Nee F#m Maranathe Jayichu Nee D A Ooh Ooh Ooh A Oh Oh Nin Shwasamen D E Jeevanin Thaalam A Oh Oh Ee Jeevitham D E Ninakkayi Mathram A Oh Oh Nin Snehamen D E Jeevanin Thaalam A Oh Oh Ee Jeevitham D A Ninakkayi Mathram En Kaalinu Deepamai En Jeevanil Velichamai Kathunnoru Jwalayai Neeye Nee Ente Ashayum Nee Ente Rakshayum Aadhyanum Andhyanum, Ooh Ooh Ooh Oh Oh Jeevane Oh Oh Shwasame Oh Oh Snehame Ninakkayi Mathram

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This song was updated on 04/03/2020.
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