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Njan Enne Nin Kaiyyil

A D Njan enne nin kaiyyil nalkidunnu Bm E Samboornamayu enne mattename F#m D Enn prarthana onnu kelkkename Bm E A Nin Hitham ennil poornamakann A D Ennae samarpikkunnu E A Nin kaiyyil njyan poornamayu F#m D Ennae nirakkename E D Ennae nithyavum nadathaename Ennae kazhukanae nin rakthathal Shudhikarikkanae nin Vachanathal Neethikarikkanae nin neethiyal Soukhyamakkenae poornamayi Ennae samarpikkunnu... Nin shnehathal ennae nirakkenamae Parishudhathmavinal nirakkenamae Nin aalochanayal nadathaenamae Nin Hitham ennil poornamakan Ennae samarpikkunnu...

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This song was updated on 02/04/2020.
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