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Stuti Aradhana Upar Jati Hai

E B Stuti aradhana upar jati hai E Ashishe lekar neeche aati hai A Prabhu hamara kitna mahaan B E Dekho hamse karta hai pyar B E Hallelu halleluiyah B E Hallelu halleluiyah Vinti aur prarthana upar jati hai, uttar lekar neeche aati hai Prabhu hamara kitna mahan Dekho hamse karta hai pyar Hallelu halleluiyah Hallelu halleluiyah Seeyon me stuti teri baat joti hai Dhanywad karna uski mahima hoti hai Prabhu humara kitna mahaan Dekho humse karta hai pyaar Hallelu halleluiyah Hallelu halleluiyah

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This song was updated on 11/04/2020.
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