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Ente Daivam Swarga Simhasanam

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
Dm                  Bb        
Ente daivam swargam simhasanam
         Gm                    Bb     Dm
Thannil ennil kanninzhu enne orthidunnu              
Appanum ammayum veedum dhanakalum
F                  Dm
Vasthu sukhangalum karthav athre
Dm                    Gm       
Paithal prayam muthal inne vare
      F               Bb       Dm
Enne potti pularthiya daivam mathi

Ente daivam....

Pithaavillathorkku nalloru thaathananum 
Pettammaye kavinju agrahavanum
Vidhawekku kanthanum sadhuvinabhavum 
Ellathinu ellamanum karthaav athre

Aarum sahaayum illa ellamvarum 
Paaril kandu kanaatheyum povunnavar
Ennthaal ennikku oru sahaayakan 
Vaathil ondunnil arinjathil ullhasame

Ente daivam...

Kalyana shaalayil enne vilichannde 
Sandaapam okke theerthidunaa
Sheegram varumm ente naathan varrum 
Ennil ulahasam bahu kaalam vaazham

Ente daivam...

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