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Ente Yaesu Enikku Nallavan

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
G                       C
Ente Yaesu enikku nallavan
     Am              D                G
Avan ennennum mathiyaayavan
    D                Am                 G
Aapathil rogathil vanprayaasanghalhil
Em             D               G
Manamae avan mathiyaayavan

Kalavarhi malamael kayarhi
Mulhmudi shirassil vahichu
Ente vedhana sarvavum neekiyennil
Puthu jeevan pakarhnnavanaam    

Avanaadhyanu manthyanume
Dhivya snaehathinurhavidame
Pathinaayirathilathi sraeshtanavan
Sthuthyanaam vannyanaam naayakam

Marubhoo yaathra athi kandinam
Prhathi koolanghalhanu nimisham
Pakal maegha stambam raathri agni thoonai
Enne anudinam vazhi nadathum

Ente kaleshamellaam neenghippoam        
Kanhueerellam thudacheedume
Avan raajaavai vaanil velhippedumpol
Njaan avanidam parahannuyarum  

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