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Innayollum Ennae Nadathi

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
    D      G         D
Innayollum ennae nadathi
    D       G         Em
Innayollum ennae pularthi
      D      G         Bm
Entae yeshu ethra nallavan
     D        G        D
Avan ennennum madhiyayavan

Entae Paapa bharam elaam
Thantae chumallil etu kondu
Enikayi kurishil marichu
Entae yeshu ethra nallavan

Entae avishyankal arinju
Akaashathin killivadhil thurannu
Elaam samridhiyayi nalkidumna
Entae yeshu nalla idayan

Mano bha...rathaal alanju
Mano vedhanayaal niranju
Manam urukee njaan karanjeeedumbol
Entae yeshu ethra nalavan

Roka shayayil enikku vydhyan
Shoka vellayil ashwasakan
Kodum veyil adhil thannelum avan
Entae yeshu ethra valabhan

Oru naallum kyi vidilla
Oru naallum upekshikilla
Oru naallum marakkukilla
Entae yeshu ethra vishwasthen

Entae yeshu vaneedumbol
Thiru maarvod annanjeedum njaan
Poya pol thaan vegam varum
Entae yeshu ethra nallavan 

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