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Karthavu Than Gambhira Nadathodum

Music: Unknown | Lyrics: Unknown
Karthavu than gambhira nadathodum
D                             G
Predhana daiva dootha sabdathodum
G            Am       Em      D
Sworgathil ninnirangi vannidumpol
Ethrayo sandosham
C             G
Ethrayo sandosham
Am                D         G
Ethrayo sandosham madhyakasathil

Mannilurangeedunna sudhimanmar
kahalanadam kelkunna mathrayil
Pettennuyirthu vanil chernnidume
Theeratha sandosham (3) prapikumavar

Jeevanodi bhuthale parkum shudhar
Roopandaram prapikuma nerathil
Geetha sworathodum aarppodum koode
Vinnulam pookum (3) dutha thullyarai

Kunjatin kalyana mahal dinathil
thante kandayakum visudha sabha
maniyarakullil kadakumannal
Enthethu sandosham (3) undamavalkku

Devathi devan sarvathinum methe
Than kudaram vishudar madyathilum
Ennekumar thannekandu modal
Halleluyah padum (3) nityayugathil

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