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Krooshin Mel Krooshin Mel

Music: Unknown | Lyrics: Unknown
         C                F            C 
Krooshin mel Krooshin mel Kaanumnadharidha  
      F             C             F  Bb      C 
Prana naadhen Prana naadhen en perkayi chaakunnu

Athmaavae paapaththin kazhcha nee kaanuka 
Daivaththin puthra nee shapathill aayallo 

Ithramaam snehathae ethranaal thalli njaan 
Ee mahaa paapathae daivamae orkkallae
Paapathae snehippaan njaanini pokummo 
Daivathin paithalayi jeevikkum njaanini
Kashtangal vannaalum nashtangal vannaalum 
Krooshin mel kaanumna snehathae orkkumm njaan
Paapathin olangal saadhuvae thallumbol 
Krooshin mel kaanumna snehathae orkkum njaan
Shathruthvam vardhichaal peedakal koodiyaal 
Krooshin mel kaanumna snehathae orkkum njaan
Athmaave orkka nee ee mahaa snehathae 
Daivathin puthraa nee saadhuvae snehich

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