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Maravidamay Enikkeshuvundu

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
D                A
Maravidamay enikkeshuvundu
Marachidum avanenne chirakadiyil
Marannidathividenne karuthiduvan
Maarathe avanente arikil undu

D                   G
Anudhinavum anugamippan
           A                      D
Avan nalla maathruka aakunnenikku
G                  D
Aanandha jeevitha vazhiyil innu
A                 D
Anugrahamay enne nadathidunnu

Pala vidhamam ethirukal en
Paathayil adikkadi uyarnnidumbol
Paalikkum parichode paramam enne
Patharathe nilkkuvan balam tharunnu

Vilicha Daivam viswasthanallo
Vazhiyil valanju njan alayanida
Varikayillavanenne pirikayilla
Valathu kai pidichenne nadathidunnu

Itha vegam njan vaana viravil
Iniyum varumennu aruli cheytha
Ee nalla Nadhane kaanuvaanay
Iravum pakalum enni vasichidunnu

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