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Nee Ente Sankethavum

Em C Am Nee ente sankethavum D G Nee ente kottayum Em C Am Nee ente praananaadhan D Em Nee en Daivam Em Am C D Aaraadhikkum njan poorna hridayamode G D Em Thedum nin mugham jeeva kaalamellam Em Am D Sevicheedum njan en sarvavumaay C D Em Adiyanithaa Em Am D Adiyanithaa Deva Bm G Adiyanithaa Deva Em Am D Adiyanithaa Deva Em Adiyanithaa Nee ente rakshakanum Nee ente vaidyanum Nee ente aalambavum Nee ente Deivam Nee ente paalakanum Nee ente aaswasavum Nee ente maravidavum Nee ente Deivam

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This song was updated on 04/03/2020.
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