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Nin Sneham Paaduvan

G          C    D
Nin sneham paaduvan
Nin naamam uyarthuvan
         Am    Bm
Nin seva cheyyuvan
      C        G
Ninne pukazhthuvan

         C  Bm
         D  Bm 
         C        D     G
Daivathmave Ange Aradhikyum

Thazhchayil ninnenne
uyarthiyallo nee
Aamodhathal njan
Anandham kollunnu

Daivathmave Daivathmave
Daivathmave Angey Aradhikyum

Karthanam Yahove
Enne ithratholavum
Kondu varuvan
En grehavum enthulloo

Daivathmave Daivathmave
Daivathmave Angey Aradhikyum

Ithuvarai ebenezarai
Ennodu koodey
Irulmoodiya padayil
Valichamai munpilai

Daivathmave Daivathmave
Daivathmave Angey Aradhikyum

Ente rogangale
Nin karangal maattiye
Vagdathangal oronnum
Vasthavamay bhavichathinal

Daivathmave Daivathmave
Daivathmave Angey Aradhikyum

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About Psalm 96:1

Psalm 96:1 endeavours to make singing a new song to the Lord a joyful experience. The guitar chords are easy and fairly accurate and, best of all, transposable. So go ahead and make a pleasant noise.

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