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Ninakkayi Karuthum

Music: Unknown | Lyrics: Unknown
    D         Bm        F#m   G  D
Ninakkayi karuthum avan nalla ohari
G         A         Bm     D
Kashtanggalil nalla thunayesu
A          G         D
Kannu neeravan thudaykkum

Bm             A
Vazhi orukkumavanaazhikalil
G                   D
Valankai pidichenne vazhinadatthum
D           G        A         D
Vaathilukal palathum adanjjeedilum
A         G           D     A     D
Vallabhan puthu vazhy thurranneedume


Vagdattham nammude nikshepame
Vaakkuparranjjavan maarukilla
Vaanavum bhoomiyum maarridume
Vachanangalkko oru maattamilla-


Roganggalaal nee valayukayo
Bhaaranggalaal nee thalarukayo
Adippinaraalavan saukyam tharum
Vachanamayachhu ninne viduvichhidum


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